Join us for Beginning Modern Western Square Dance Lessons!
Begins Saturday morning, Oct. 7 from 9:30 -11:30 am at the Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E 29th St. (1 block East of Swan). Only $10/person (per week).

Square Dance

Arizona Advanced Square Dancing

Arizona Advanced

Arizona Advanced meets Mondays from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E. 29th St. Tucson, AZ 85711. Casual dress; $10 person.

Club Caller: Richard Lane

Club Representative: Connie Weigel

Green Valley Square and Round Dance Club

Green Valley Square And Round Dance Club invites YOU to join us in an activity which is fun for all ages, good mental and physical exercise, and is enjoyed around the world. Square dancing in Green Valley was started by Irma Schaffnit in 1965 and the club has been a focus for learning square dancing, having fun and forming new friendships. Club dances start Monday, October 9!
New Year’s Eve MS/Plus Dance with Caller Andy Allemao and Cuer Lynn Van Atta on December 31, 2023!

Club Caller: Rick Gittelman

Club Cuer: Lynn Van Atta

Club Representative: David Flatt

Rick A Shays logo

Rick A Shays

Founded in 1995, Rick A Shays offers great Advanced dancing, and creative and interesting choreography with National Caller Rick Gittelman.

Next dance: October 14 – Advanced 6-8 pm
$10 for one session; $12 for both (see Tucson Twirlers),
Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E 29th St., casual dress.

Club Caller: Rick Gittelman

Club Representative: Phyllis Petersen

Rick’s Fun Bunch

Rick’s Fun Bunch meets Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm for plus dancers and new plus dancers with some DBD. Caller Rick Gittleman at the Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E. 29th St. Casual dress okay; $10.

Club Caller: Rick Gittelman

Club Rep: Sally Carpenter

Sonoran Promenaders logo

Sonoran Promenaders

The Sonoran Promenaders dance Mainstream and Plus every Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Tom Crisp is the club caller and instructor. Cost is $8 person. Tom’s private dance hall is air-conditioned, with a floating wood floor, and safe, lighted parking.
Please find us at Sonoran Stables Dance Hall
4231 S. Pauline Lane, Tucson AZ 85730
Monday, October 2 – Guest Caller Richard Lane!

Club Caller: Tom Crisp

Club Representative: Art Lohman

SaddleBrooke Squares

SaddleBrooke Squares is a Plus square dance club. We love having fun whether it is club dances, promoting out of town dances or special club events.

Please join us for our Plus Club Dances on Sundays from 6-8 pm. Most of our dances are in the Mountain View Clubhouse ballroom at SaddleBrooke, 38759 S. Mountain View Blvd. 85739 (north of Tucson near Catalina). Mainstream Practice Dances on Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm in the Mariposa Room.

For more information, please contact Rick Beeble 503-475-7001 or visit or

Club Callers:
Bob Asp: 815-262-9080 (November to March)
Dean Singleton: 443-440-7007 (April to October)

Club Rep: Mary Klootwyk

Thunder Mountain Twirlers logo

Thunder Mountain Twirlers

The Thunder Mountain Twirlers of Sierra Vista dance SSD/Mainstream. We dance Fridays 6:30-8:30 pm at the Sierra Vista Lutheran Church,101 N. Lenzner Avenue. Guest callers.
Hummingbird Hoedown, featuring Caller Tony Oxendine and Cuers Doug and Leslie Dodge, January 12-13, 2024!

Club President: Bryan Swift

Club Reps: Chuck and Kathy Baker

Tucson Twirlers logo

Tucson Twirlers

Tucson Twirlers features fun and energetic dancing. Founded in 1974, we welcome SSD/Mainstream/Plus dancers. National caller Rick Gittelman is the club caller.

Next dance: October 14 – SSD/MS/Plus 4-6 pm. $10/person.
Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E 29th St., casual dress.

Club Caller: Rick Gittelman

Club Representative: Phyllis Petersen

Voyager Square Dancers logo

Voyager Square Dancers

The Voyager Square Dancers offers Social Square Dancing (SSD), Mainstream, and Plus level dancing. Casual dress always welcome.

Year-round Wednesday Plus Dance 12:30-2:15 pm Arizona Room.

Sunday Monthly SSD/Mainstream/Plus Dances: Oct. 8 from 2:30-4:30 pm in the Ballroom. $9. Future dances: Nov. 12, Dec. 10, Jan. 28. Feb. 18, Mar. 10, Apr. 14.

Workshops begin Thursday, Oct. 19 in the Arizona Room:
SSD/Mainstream: 10 am to noon; Plus Class: 12:30-2:15 pm. $7.

Please find us at Voyager RV Resort, 8701 S Kolb Rd, Tucson 85756

Club Caller: Don Haney

Club Representative: Sandie Haney

Western Whirlers logo

Western Whirlers Square and Round Dance Club

Western Whirlers dances SSD/MS with announced Plus on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30, 9:00 pm if rounds, with guest callers, and round dancing when a cuer is available.
59th Anniversary Dance – Tuesday, October 3 w/David Hinds, Caller/Cuer!

Location: Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E. 29th St. Tucson, AZ 85711.

Club Representative: Edie Hund


Come to a Contradance!

Contradancing is enjoyed by all ages, all over the USA, and in fact, all over the world, though it is considered American folk dancing. Someone once said “if square dancing and swing dancing met in a bar – you’d get contradancing.”  And yes, contradancing bears some resemblance to Square dancing, but has some significant differences.

Here is what to expect at a dance. The dancers line up in long lines up and down the hall, facing their partners.  You will dance with your partner but also with the adjacent pair to form a foursome – these are your neighbors. The caller teaches the dance in a “walk through” and then the band – yes live music – starts up, and the caller prompts each move until the dancers know the dance.  With each iteration of the dance, you will progress to new neighbors, moving to the next pair up or down the hall, and do the same sequence again. Each individual dance lasts about 10 minutes and there are 10-12 dances in an evening’s program.  Will you know some of the moves?  Yes – do si do, allemande, circle, chain and more are incorporated, though the hand holds may be different from what you are used to.  Will it feel like square dancing?  At first may feel faster than square dancing because the dance moves are choreographed to flow from one to the next. That means that there are no pauses between moves.  Also, each individual dance will consist of a repeated dance pattern that does not change – no surprises from the caller. As a result, you soon learn the dance and the caller can stop prompting allowing you to enjoy just dancing to the music. Do you need to take lessons before coming? No – absolutely not. Contradancing grew out of community dances held in New England Grange halls, and it is the spirit of the contradance to welcome new dancers into each evening. There is a teach at 6:30 and the dances progress from easy to more difficult through the evening, but they are always taught.

We hope you will come dance with the Tucson Friends of Traditional Music Contradances, most 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 6:30-10 pm, here at the Southern Arizona Dance Center, 4801 E 29th St, Tucson, AZ.