Let’s Help Rick and Karen

Hello Friends,

At this time some serious health issues have developed and I want my community of friends and family to know what is going on and that I could use some help.

This past year I have not been feeling well, this summer and fall I have many tests but still have not been diagnosed with anything specific.. Although I have continued to call some, I have also had to cancel many engagements, I also have not done my side job of sub teaching this fall.

Karen also was not feeling well since early this year, though she did travel with me on my spring tour, (Colorado, Midwest and Northeast). When we returned back to Northern Nevada in June, where her family lives, she started going to doctors. She was finally diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in November. She will be undergoing chemotherapy very soon.

I will be going to Carson City to help take care of her. As a result I likely will not be able to fulfill many of my calling obligations at home in Tucson this winter. I appreciate the support, understanding and concern of the clubs, callers and dancers.

We certainly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Rick and Karen

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  1. Gaylene
    December 20, 2023 at 3:32 pm

    Good Luck Rick and Karen with your health issues. We miss you when you are not around so be well soon! Gaylene

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