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The Saguaro Stompers have been dancing together since February 2011. We perform regularly throughout the Tucson area at events such as Tucson Meet Yourself, Tucson Festival of Books, and the Pima County Fair. A weekly team class/rehearsal is tailored for exhibition members and emphasizes intermediate to advanced clogging steps. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

What is contemporary American clogging?

It is believed that American clogging started in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1700s, when Irish, English, and German immigrants shared their dance styles with each other as an evening’s entertainment. A true “melting pot” dance style emerged and evolved over the centuries. Some dance ethnographers note that many additional dance styles can be seen represented in clogging, including Native American dance and traditional African dance. One theory of its history says that clogging is the precursor to modern tap dance. Over the centuries, clogging has evolved to incorporate new influences. It can be danced to any genre of music with a suitable tempo. Contemporary clogging looks and sounds similar to tap dance. One of the unique elements of clogging is dancing with double-plated steel taps with rivets in the middle to allow an additional percussive sound when the foot strikes the floor.

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Photo of dance instructor KatieClub Dance Instructor: Katie Popiel
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Club Representative: Tacy Patton
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